Milestone KB number: 000002183


  • No video can be streamed from the device. 
  • When connecting to the device with a browser, the device reports "Account is locked".

HikVision devices with FW 5.3.0 and above have a new feature called "account locking". This feature locks an account after n logon attempts with invalid credentials. It is in the nature of the Milestone camera drivers to start communication with a logon attempt which is considered illegal by the HikVision device. If there are too many of these attempts, the device will lock the account, and that is it.

  1. Delete the camera from the XProtect configuration (see also note *). 
  2. Wait until the device unlocks the account (see also note **). 
  3. Log into the device from a web browser. 
  4. Go toConfiguration > Advanced configuration > Security > Security services.
  5. Uncheck the check box "Illegal Login Lock".

After that, you should be able to add the device without problems.

* If there is footage that you need to keep, do not delete the device entirely. Instead, temporarily change the IP address of the camera to an unused one. This will equally cause XProtect not to speak to the device any longer. 
** The device registers the IP address of the machine from where the invalid attempts have been made. If you try to log on from another machine, you need not wait. 

Note that the feature to disable the account locking may or may not be present on your device. Please  consult the table below:

Model Series Firmware Disable Account Locking possible?
DF R3 5.3.8 build 150722 yes
DE R0 5.3.8 build 150707 no
R2 5.3.0 build 150513 yes
R0 5.3.0 build 150513 yes
R6 5.3.8 build 151224 yes
DF R4 5.3.10 build 150917 yes
DE R0 5.3.9 build 150910 no

Resolution :

  • Milestone has already improved the camera drivers, which lowers the chances for the account being locked. 
  • The risk of the device being locked can be further minimized by avoiding the automatic camera detection (scan). Add the cameras manually instead. 
  • Avoid specifying more than one username/password at a time. 
  • Add multiple cameras using a CSV file with correct credentials (XProtect Professional products only) 

A full solution is being investigated by Milestone.