• This assumes you can't login to the camera to reset by going through the web GUI, to reset from the web GUI, click here
  • This procedure only works if the camera actually has a reset button. Some cameras do not or they are not accessible without taking them apart. This procedure works assuming the camera does have a reset button.


This will reset all settings to factory default. This includes the password, any added user accounts, and set the IP to the default address (usually or 

1) disconnect power to the camera (either through the 12VDC or POE source)

2) press and old the reset button

3) while holding down the reset button, apply power back to the camera

4) hold the reset button for 30+ seconds and then release

5) the camera should finish booting up and be reset to factory settings

Location of reset buttons:

  • Mini-bullets usually have the reset button on the back outside housing
  • Turrets have no reset button accessible unless the camera is fully taken apart.
  • Domes usually have the reset button inside on the main board. It might not be labeled
  • Larger cameras usually have the reset button near the SD card slots. 

After resetting the camera, we suggest using the SADP tool to setup the camera. 

Hikvision Default IP Address and Passwords