For Hikvision IP cameras, there are two reset procedures based on the firmware currently on the camera. All require the use of the SADP tool.

Always download the latest SADP tool if you have any issues resetting a password or even changing a password.

Hikvision SADP Download

Firmware v5.2 and older requires a simple generated code
IPCamTalk Password Reset Utility
Firmware v5.3 and newer requires an XML file to be sent to Hikvision
Hikvision's Technical Bulletin Password Reset Procedure

For Hikvision's latest procedure see this TB: 

Hikvision's Technical Bulletin Password Reset Procedure

Request a password reset directly from Hikvision:

Hikvision Password Reset Page 

If that one doesn't work, try this one:

Hikvision Password Reset Page 2

The XML file generated should be sent to

Hikvision will then send you back an XML file. They usually do this within a day. 

Wrightwood Surveillance is not able to generate this XML file for you. 

If you have physical access to the camera, you can also reset the password by doing a factory reset.

NOTE: this will reset all setting in the camera including IP address and User accounts.