Default IP Address for Cameras: Firmware v5.3 and newer Firmware v5.2 and older


All NVR and IP camera models are no longer shipped with a default password after a certain revision of firmware. We have noticed that gray market or Chinese sellers are providing default passwords like 12345678abc but these are not default passwords. These are passwords the sellers have activated on the device before shipping it. If the camera is on the newer firmware and goes through a factory reset, there will be no default password and a password will have to be added again. 

Hikvision calls this new password creation process "the secure activation" feature. New NVRs and software refer to this as "activating" a device. Activating a device is really just assigning a password to the device for the first time. To do this on NVRs, SADP, and other software, you'll need to make sure you have the newer versions that support this process. If your device does not support this activation process, the cameras will have to be activated either by the SADP tool or going to the web GUI from the default IP address

You can get the latest SADP tool here.

The old default User name and Password:

User admin
Password 12345

Device Firmware that require the new password Activation:
Device Type Model Number Firmware Version
Value Series IP Camera DS-2CD2xxx v5.3.0 and up
Smart Series IP Camera DS-2CD4xxx v5.3.0 and up




v3.1.5 and up
Plug-n-Play NVR DS-76xxNI-EI(E2)/P v3.1.0 and up
Turbo DVR



v3.1.6 and up
source: link

If you have forgotten your password, please refer to this solution:

Hikvision Password Reset Procedures

Changing the password on Hikvision devices after logging into the device (Does not cover new activation procedure)

More resources:

NOTE: not all Hikvision cameras should be upgrade or can be upgraded. The procedures suggest upgrading your camera, but we only suggest you doing this if you know your camera can be upgraded otherwise the camera may stop functioning as expected.