In many cases it's much easier to remotely login to a customers computer to see what's going on and provide the best support possible. 

To do this, contact us first and let us know you need support. 

Then we will direct you to our remote session site to get started

When we're ready click here to start your session.

  1. Enter your name and click start session to download a program

  2. when the download completes, open the program Mikogo<date>_<ID>_<ID>__.exe


  3. you will be asked if you want to share your screen, click yes OR you can also select Application Selection for more options

  4. once the session has started we will have control of your computer to help you debug your problem.

    NOTE: you can end the session at anytime by closing hte Mikogo window

  5. after the session is complete, you can delete the program that was downloaded

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