Gmail has updated their SMTP servers so that SSL clients can no longer connect. This includes all Hikivision products before a certain firmware version. Gmail and many other email servers have stopped supporting SSL for security reasons. 

Hikvision has released firmware updates for many of it's products that now support TLS which does allow you to still use Gmail to send out your email. But, if you don't have the latest firmware or have a Chinese version that can't be updated, then we have provided a few options below. 

Please note that if you have "CCCH" in the serial number of your product, please do not try to update to the latest firmware version from the Hikvision website or anywhere else. 

Here are some options for you to try:

(NOTE: Please use email servers at your own risk. We advise you to make sure you trust the service you use for your own privacy)

1) Use your ISP email account

See if your ISP gives you an email account. 

If so, see if you can use their SMTP server settings 

to send out emails. Many still support the SSL protocol. 

2) Use your own web host:

If you have your own web host or domain like GoDaddy 

or HostGator, then you can use your own email server 

to send out email. This of course, requires you to pay a 

small annual fee. 

3) Use a different email service. 

A) One that has been reported to work is

For more informatoin regarding this service, 

please read the wiki:

Mail settings:

port 465
SSL Enabled

B) (Update - 7/17/2017: we've been told GMX no longer works

Another that has been reported to work is

For more information, see their about page.

Mail settings:

port 587
SSL Disabled
 Auth.  use GMX UN/PW for Authentication
NOTE: that this is an unsecure connection. We suggest only using a GMX account that is only used for notificaitons and make sure to use a unique password. We have been informed that GMX now requires you to activate POP3/SMTP settings, so if the information doens't work above then go into your GMX settings and all SMTP:

NOTE: these services may change at any time. If they no longer work, please let us know and we'll make changes to this page.