Setup your SMTP Mail settings first:
  1. Open your Milestone Xprotect Management Appliction
  2. Go to: Advanced Configuration -> Notifications -> right click "Email" -> and select properties
  3. Click Enable
  4. Enter your Email message information and to addresses. 
  5. You can enable image attachments by going to "Attachment Settings" and checking "Include images". 
    NOTE: when you include images, the email takes longer to send because the images have to upload to the email server before they can be sent. This causes these notifications to take longer. In general emails aren't guaranteed to be sent by your email server immediately either. 
  6. Click "Server Settings" and enter your SMTP server information. 
  7. Click "OK"
  8. Click "Save" at the top
  9. Towards the right, next to your email settings, click "Test". You should receive a test email at the "to" addresses used. 


Now you can setup Events to send email notifications. 

Setup Events to send Emails:
This assumes you've already setup events that you want to be notified for.
  1. Go to Advanced Configuration -> Events and Output -> select the event type you want -> double click the event you've created
  2. Front here a window should popup with a "Notifications" section. 
  3. check "send e-mail..."
  4. check "attach image" from camera if that is desired and select the camera to get the image from. 




  • If your "test" email doesn't work:
     - make sure you have saved your settings (a save bar should appear towards the top after any changes are made),
     - you may need to restart your server
  • If your emails aren't coming through:
     - double check all your email settings
     - reboot your server and try again
     - if your using an event from a camera, make sure that event is configured and enabled within the camera
     - You can check log files to see where the event is being captured to see where the problem is. 


to send SMS or MMS texts you can make the email to address your carriers email to text email address

When you add pictures it becomes an MMS text. Email addresses for MMS may be different. Refer to your carrier. 


AT&T –


Verizon –

T-Mobile –