Xprotect has a few different events that can be used to trigger recording, notifications, or alarms. Below is a basic overview on how to setup events. 

NOTE: any events that are from the cameras themselves need to be configured on the camera and enabled first. Sometimes you need to make sure the camera is "Notifying Surveillance Center" as well. 

  1. Open your Management Application
  2. Go to Advanced Configuration -> Events and Output
  3. Select the type of event you want to setup

  4. Milestone Xprotect Events Description

For Hardware Events:

  1. Double click Hardware Input Events
  2. You should see a list of your cameras/devices
  3. Expand the device the event will come from
  4. Check the event you want to use in Milestone
    NOTE - many events may be listed that aren't actually available within the camera itself. Refer to the camera's GUI to configure and see what options are available. 
  5. Check "Enable event" and rename it to something that is more recognizable. 
  6. Check Notifications settings
  7. click "OK"
  8. click "save" at the top of the application. 


All other events are created by clicking an "add" button after double clicking the type of event you want and may require other settings

Manual Events can be useful to use to be able to control things from the client software or app. For example, you could create an event that you trigger from the app to manually activate an output on a camera that is connected to a door strike or garage door opener.